Coaching and Training

One to one coaching and team training to develop leadership competency at every level of your organisation

Everyone wants to be more effective in their role at work.

Our group coaching and training has been designed to help companies build a high performing team and create a culture of sustainable leadership. Based on our 9 leadership solutions, we adopt a creative and adaptive approach that is grounded in psychological research and a comprehensive learning methodology.

For employees looking for a more personalised boost, we have a team of qualified coaches who can offer 1:1 support to help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges in both their personal and professional lives.

Examples of 1:1 coaching contexts in relation to each of the Influence, Ability and Mindset leadership pillars:

  • Performance Management - providing additional support to enable an individual to integrate into a new working culture during a probationary period or working with a manager looking to effectively manage talent out of a business whilst limiting damage to relationships, reputation and working atmosphere.
  • Decision Making - focusing on organisational change from team perspectives e.g. managing resistance, the grief cycle (letting go of the old traditions, accepting the new), looking to the future (what now needs to be achieved, identifying gaps in skill/knowledge and action planning to fill those gaps).
  • Personal Brand - Building confidence, goal setting and effective action planning and accountability. This type of coaching is a key part of our future leader programmes where we coach individuals on how to transition to leadership roles.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety - this might be linked to self-doubt and a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed by a change of circumstances or dealing with a difficult relationship.

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