Leadership Competencies - our 9Cs

When designing the Lotus Leadership syllabus and methodology, our intention was to create a comprehensive learning journey for anyone who wants to become a better leader.  A new and exciting transformational learning and development plan which equips them more effectively for the world ahead and fosters the type of collaborative culture where elevated outcomes are possible. The elements of the I-A-M leadership pillars work in harmony. Each pillar has a symbiotic relationship to the others.

Our leadership solutions are built around these 9 key leadership competencies (our 9Cs).

The 9C model can be applied discretely or in conjunction with established organisational competency models.  


Character, Credibility and Connection

Conscious leadership is executed with emotional intelligence - understanding and appreciating the whole person and their challenges. When a leader authentically sits in this space, they are better equipped to manage performance and drive continuous improvement.

Leadership Solutions: Authentic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Performance Management

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Communication, Collaboration and Capacity

A capable leader is an effective communicator, is able to make tough decisions and has the skills to thrive under time pressure. Such leaders ensure personal productivity and optimise team performance because of a willingness to have courageous conversations, solve problems, manage change and delegate when appropriate.

Leadership Solutions: Effective Communication, Decision Making and Productive Habits

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Clarity, Confidence and Courage

Confident leaders know how to play to their strengths and make the most of their network.  By investing in building their self-awareness and taking ownership of their professional development, they successfully navigate challenging situations they face on their journey.

Leadership Solutions: Personal Brand, Self-Confidence and Inner-Resilience

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Learning principles

Successful learning requires knowledge, engagement and application.

All of our sessions incorporate 3 learning principles – the tools, the play and the takeaway.

The tools – knowledge

We always ensure that the behavioural science underpinning our sessions is presented in a digestible and relevant way. We pride ourselves in being practitioners more than academics and always bring case studies, personal examples and commercial awareness from the corporate world to keep our sessions real and credible.

We call out the “so what” in relation to tools we share and help participants to understand what’s in it for them.  It's never learning just for the sake of learning. The principles, models and top tips we use in each session are specifically designed to be both easy to remember and practical to apply. We are strictly jargon free and tell it as it is.

The play - engagement

Learning should be fun, engaging and entertaining.  This principle is all about letting participants have play with the tools and really bring them to life. Our group coaching approach throughout the sessions gives participants a clear idea of the context in which they can apply the practical tools they have been given.

People learn best through experience.  The more engaged they are with the interactive learning, the more they will retain.  We connect through story and infuse participants with energy and enthusiasm to bring each session to life. We ignite the spark to learn.

The take away - application

Application is what bridges the gap between theory and practice.  At the end of every session, we reflect on lessons learnt and ask participants to share with an accountability partner what actions they will take going forward. We also ask them to diarise a check in with each other after one month to measure progress.

By encouraging participants to tap into their why and by also helping them to put in place a practical plan of action, we have found that they quickly develop the leadership competencies required to become a better leader.

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