Personal Brand

Successful leaders have a high degree of self-awareness about their own brand.  They are clear about what they want to achieve and know how to use their natural strengths to progress their career and add more value to their organisation.

Personal Brand components:

1.  My Strengths

Participants will learn to build their brand:

·     Identify what makes up a person's brand and practical ways to leverage it in the workplace

·     Create a strategy to consistently communicate and strengthen personal brand

·     Discover personal strengths and how they might be negatively perceived if overdone


2. My Goals

Participants will learn how to achieve challenging goals

·     Undertake a value finding exercise (finding their why) and link them to professional goals

·     Learn how to set goals (using the SMART framework) that are stretching and aligned with those of the organisation

·     Reflect on common reasons for goal failure and adopt various goal achieving techniques


3. My Career

Participants will reflect on how to progress their career:

·     Understand motivational factors behind career development (intrinsic v extrinsic)

·     Discover different forms of networking and how to make the most of an existing network

·     Create a personal career development plan including a personal analysis of possible opportunities and threats

Personal Brand is a leadership solution in the “mindset” leadership pillar.

Mindset is all about 3 leadership competencies: confidence, courage and clarity.

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