Self Confidence

Self-confidence gives us the ability to deal external criticism, challenge our own negative thinking patterns and start to express our best selves at work. A good leader is confident but has the humility to keep learning and striving for further self-improvement.

Self-Confidence components:

1. Self Talk

Participants strengthen their inner coach:

·     Develop the ability to transform the inner critic and rewrite the stories that drive behaviour

·     Adopt the "observer" mindset to identify negative thinking patterns caused by cognitive bias

·     Learn practical tips on how to avoid psychological traps which hinder professional growth


2. Self Belief

Participants learn how to build confidence:

·     Discover their belief blueprint and learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind by adopting positive empowering thoughts

·     Identify ways to get maximum benefit from personal confidence boosters and reduce the impact of confidence zappers

·     Gain awareness of their own barriers to success and the importance of staying focused on their sphere of influence


3. Self Development

Participants learn the psychology of success:

·     Discover the many benefits of being a constant learner and seeking continuous improvement

·     Reflect on the importance of developing and applying a growth mindset in the workplace

·     Learn how to journal and create a plan to measure and assess self-development   

Self-confidence is a leadership solution in the “mindset” leadership pillar.

Mindset is all about 3 leadership competencies: confidence, courage and clarity.

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