Decision Making

The ability to make timely, well-considered and informed decisions is important on a day to day to basis and also specifically in the context of project management. When things don’t go to plan and change is thrust upon us, leaders need to adopt a creative mindset to solve problems and find innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Decision Making components:

1. Tough Decisions

Participants will learn tools and techniques for making decisions:

·     Learn about different types of decision-making styles and the pros and cons of each approach

·     Reflect on examples of unconscious bias that can lead to poor decisions and learn to overcome common decision-making traps

·     Consider the principles of effective decision making in the context of project management


2. Change Management

Participants will learn how to navigate change:

·     Understand the key elements of successful change management from a strategic perspective

·     Prepare and deliver a compelling story of change to boost buy-in and team motivation to facilitate a smooth change journey

·     Manage different psychological reactions to change by understanding where they are in the change curve


3. Solution Focus

Participants will learn to how to solve problems through creative thinking:

·     Discuss the importance of creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for long term business success

·     Practice out of the box techniques for creative thinking and solution generation

·     Adopt a problem-solving framework (which includes practical tips for assessment, ideation, implementation and evaluation)

Decision Making is a leadership solution in the "ability" leadership pillar.

Ability is all about 3 leadership competencies: communication, collaboration and capacity.

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