Performance Management

Managing the performance of others is not something only “managers” have to do. Whether it’s giving constructive feedback, setting clear expectations or empowering a colleague struggling in their role, we all need to master the science of getting the best out of others.   

Performance Management components:

1.  Powerful persuasion

Participants will be able to negotiate and influence:

·     Become aware of the psychology and principles that influence us to say "yes"

·     Prepare a negotiation strategy - including setting realistic objectives, creating rapport and how to deal with push back

·     Apply a range of persuasion tactics in different work scenarios to achieve a successful outcome.

2.  Feedback fundamentals

Participants will be able to deliver fantastic feedback:

·     Understand the impact that feedback can have on performance and the mindset required before delivering it

·     Practice a structured model for giving and receiving feedback in both formal and informal settings

·     Create a culture of continuous feedback and learn how to deal with emotional reactions to feedback

3.  Coaching confidently

Participants will be able to coach and develop others:

·     Discover the benefits of coaching as a tool to manage performance, transform behaviours and unlock talent

·     Know how to move to a coaching conversation by using powerful coaching questions

·     Explore the coaching mindset and discover how to apply coaching techniques in the workplace

Performance management is a leadership solution in the "influence" leadership pillar.

Influence is all about 3 leadership competencies: credibility, connection and character.

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