Productive Habits

We all need a toolkit of productivity hacks to enhance team efficiency and boost performance.  It is important for leaders to build a culture of good team habits where everyone takes ownership of their tasks but know how to delegate effectively or confidently manage upwards in time pressured situations.

Productive Habits components:

1. Dynamic Delegation

Participants will learn to delegate effectively:

·     Understand different styles of delegation and the key principles behind good delegation

·     Learn how to clarify expectations with confidence when delegating or managing upwards

·     Reflect on managerial approaches that might unintentionally inhibit professional development

2. Effective habits

Participants will build productive team habits:

·     Consider what a highly productive culture of individual and collective ownership looks like

·     Learn the science behind creating and sticking to healthy habits which boost team performance

·     Implement a personal action plan to “work smarter” and replace any bad habits that are limiting productivity

3. Extra Time

Participants will learn to prioritise under pressure:

·     Find extra time by adopting practical time management strategies to minimise distractions and eliminate time stealers

·     Apply different prioritisation frameworks to effectively organise and take control of “to do”lists

·     Understand why we feel“busy” all the time and learn to get more done in less time by adjusting our mindset

Productive Habits is a leadership solution in the “ability” leadership pillar.

Ability is all about 3 leadership competencies: communication, collaboration and capacity.

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