Authentic Leadership

Understanding and embracing one’s unique and authentic leadership style whilst flexing to get the best out of the people they lead is the basis of effective leadership. Personal integrity, ethical behaviour and good character will inspire others to buy into a leader's vision and is also essential for the reputation and long term success of the organisation.

Authentic Leadership components:

1.   Leadership style

Participants will understand the qualities of a great leader:

·     Consider the character and key qualities of a great leader and the potential pitfalls

·     Learn about a range of different leadership styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each

·     Undertake an assessment to discover their own leadership style  

2.  Leadership impact

Participants will learn about different personality types and practice situational leadership:

·     Reflect on their own personality type, perceived strengths and weaknesses and how to flex their style to get the best out of others

·     Learn how to practice situational leadership based on the commitment and competence levels of colleagues

·     Understand how leaders cast a long shadow and adopt key behaviours to transform intention into impact

3.  Leadership ethics

Participants will learn to lead with greater integrity and ethics:

·     Explore the importance of key workplace values for long term business success

·     Learn what ethical leadership looks like in practice and common reasons why people might engage in poor conduct at work

·     Reflect on the personal benefits of maintaining integrity and being a better role model

Authentic Leadership is a leadership solution in the "influence" leadership pillar.

Influence is all about 3 leadership competencies: credibility, connection and character.

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