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The Lotus is an ancient symbol of transformation.

At Lotus Leadership, we believe that EVERYONE has the potential to transform and flourish brightly into a better leader at home (in their personal lives) and at work (in their professional lives).

We are a global corporate coaching and training provider. Our services include:

·     Life and career coaching for individual employees (early careers, managers and more senior executives);
·     Group training and team workshops to unlock potential and accelerate performance; and
·     Expert consultancy advice on how to build robust learning strategies for leadership development. 

I AM a leader.

Leadership is not about a role, title of position in an organisation. It is about a person's influence, ability and mindset. The I AM (influence, ability and mindset) leadership pillars underpin all that we do in the coaching and training space.

We are passionate about giving both individual employees and teams the support and tools they need to increase their INFLUENCE (so they can bring out the best in others), enhance their ABILITY (making sure they have the skills to do the job) and strengthen their MINDSET (so that they think, feel and act like a leader).

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Our accredited coaches

Our large team of highly experienced and qualified coaches come from a variety of successful corporate backgrounds. They love to bring personal examples and real commercial awareness to the coaching and training sessions we offer.

We have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world and are fully equipped to understand and address the challenges that employees are facing today.

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Servant Leadership

1. Servant leaders are humble – they accept responsibility when they are wrong and give credit to others when it's due. Humility also means having the courage to ask for help when needed.



Fail forward

When we acknowledge and accept that failure is an inevitable part of our learning journey, we realise that the only way to truly fail is by never trying in the first place.



3 Life Lessons

Purpose is something you have to proactively find and then consciously live. Start with cultivating deep self-awareness about what you enjoy, what you are good at and how you want to serve the world.


Case studies

"In a world of corporate platitudes, I found his coaching style to be a breath of fresh air. It is clear that Chirag has a deep passion for bringing out the best in people. His sessions were engaging, colourful and insightful."

Rajiv Nanalal | Global Head of EBS Customer Support, iCap

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